Black Friday

I really think more people need to love Primus.

I did Black Friday once. I was 12 years old and made the bold decision to brave American consumerism with my best friend and her Mom. My Mom told my Dad to give me $40 so I could buy gifts for my friends and siblings. Gifts for my parents were covered since my Mom always bought my Dad Jersey brand white tees and put our names on the tag, and my Dad would panic and take me to Kmart on Christmas Eve to buy my Mom a sweater with reindeer on it that she would obviously hate. Midwestern as fuck. My Dad was in an extra special mood that day so he gave me $60 for shopping. At that point in my life, that was the most amount of money either of my parents ever gave me that didn’t have to go to a teacher to pay for a field trip. I was fucking PUMPED.

We went to the mall. I told myself I’d buy myself one treat and save the rest for presents. Thankfully butterfly hair clips and rainbow toe socks were the hot ticket items for junior high kids that year, so I was able to buy gifts for all my friends and both of my siblings for less than $20. With the rest of the money I bought myself a shirt with a velvet dragon on it, a pair of shoes from Limited Too, some purple glitter eyeshadow, and a beef ‘n cheddar sandwich from Arby’s. I remember being really excited when we left and I only had 13 cents left, as if it was some sort of accomplishment that I was able to spend it all. Turns out it wasn’t an accomplishment, but the start of my inability to be responsible with money. I’m getting better.

Last year, everything I bought for my family and friends (I no longer allow my parents to buy each other reindeer sweaters or Jersey tees) was purchased by a local artist or handmade by me. I’m hoping to do the same thing this year. Fingers crossed I can find a local artist to make me some rainbow toe socks for my brother.The pair I bought him 15 years ago probably has a hole by now.

Oh, and if you’re interested in shopping handmade, you can get 20% off any photo or calendar purchase of $15 or more from my Etsy shop with the code HOLIDAY20.

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2 Responses to Black Friday

  1. Harlynn says:

    I loved that fruit loops candle you got me last year!
    Whoever makes those, they deserve a golden star.

  2. Agent Q says:

    Black Friday experiences can definitely vary, depending on where you go and the stuff you want to get [as well as the number of gifts you want to purchase]. The good thing is that BF deals are genuinely decent, so money management is relatively easier. It’s a process for you and me and pretty much everyone else who has that wishlist of things to get for friends. Sometimes I would much rather spend money on craft materials, so that I can produce DIY gifts. I admire those who are successful at handmade crafts. :)

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