Stuff & Things: VII

Guys! We went camping and didn’t die! Here are some links a day late!

> My beautiful blogger friend Berrak has started a great blog about budgeting, couponing, and saving money.

> Buy some canned air from your favorite city. Ummm.

> This piece, “Oh you can’t speak to a brotha?” is a great read. I couldn’t even tell you how many rants are brewing in my head on men (of any race) who think it’s OK to say inappropriate things to me as I walk or bike down the street simply because I’m a woman and they think I will like it or am afraid of them or whatever it is.

> This is how you advertise for an art school. Fist bump to where Josh got his illustration degree.

> Old news, but I have to share Tom Morello’s response to Paul Ryan saying Rage Against The Machine is his favorite band. It’s like me saying I love listening to gospel music even though I don’t support religion.

> 7 frugal startup tips from millionaire entrepreneurs.

> 7 ingredients to avoid when grocery shopping.

> Shark Week was invented by three drunk dudes in a bar. One of the best ways to brainstorm!

> Interesting infographic on what corn syrup has done to the health of the United States.

> Embracing vulnerability and putting yourself out there.

> Be creative – even if you think you aren’t.

> UV monitoring bracelet lets you know when you’ve had enough sun.

> It will never be worth waiting to begin.

> Everything real men think is wrong with women, according to Yahoo.

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One Response to Stuff & Things: VII

  1. Kristan says:

    That “Oh you can’t speak to a brotha?” article is SO so fabulous. I’ll be honest, I don’t get harrassed too often — mostly because I live in cities where you drive — but yes, it has happened, and yes it does happen to women/girls ALL THE TIME. There was a great piece on it in Rookie Mag too, got a lot of buzz:

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