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Biking on the riverfront with Sarah and Josh. Images via Sarah

Biking on the riverfront is one of my favorite things to do, and now that Sarah gave me the extra bell that came with her shiny new bike, it’s about to get even better because I’ll be able to politely ring the bell (a new thing for people to ignore!) when they’re taking up the entire sidewalk rather than wait behind them as they ignore my “excuse me, comin’ through!” until an opportunity arises when I can plow through them and make everyone mad. Share the sidewalk, people.

Being so close to the river is probably what I love most about where we live. As much as we’ve been looking at places to rent just outside the city, I will say this is one thing that makes me want to find a place still within the downtown limits (even though we won’t live anywhere more than 10 minutes away, so what am I even saying). It’s great to be just a 2 minute ride away from the riverfront because it’s such a nice place to hang out year-round, even in the fall and around holiday time. Nothin’ beats Michigan coasts.

Anyway! Moving on from my Michigan/Detroit love affair. Here are a few links from the week.


> Interesting infographic that suggests the more a country spends on beauty products, the less happy its citizens are.

> Every week, Sevenly has a new artist create a design for T-shirts, hoodies, bags, and water bottles to sell, and $7 of each sale goes to the charity of the week.

> Hooping to infinity and beyond as we get older. I’m totally going to be a hula hooping Grandma.

> Would you drink from this new edible coffee cup?

> Jezebel interviewed 24-year-old Lila Rose, founder of Live Action who says she is willing to die for the anti-abortion movement. I wonder if she would be willing to die for someone who is already born?

> The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon and Washington is mildly caffeinated due to all the coffee consumption. This sounds like something that belongs in The Onion, but it is true.

> Found this offer for free glasses (no, seriously!) from The Nearsighted Owl’s blog (who I also recently discovered and love). I’m definitely ordering some as soon as I renew my prescription.

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