Coffee Ice Cubes: Game Changer

If you’re like me, you might as well have iced coffee mainlined into your veins when it gets warm out. And if you’re like me, you’re broke and have tried to make it yourself. And then you get pissed and spend the next few hours trying to figure out how coffee shops manage to make iced coffee without melting all the ice immediately (I work at home, some days there’s not much else to do).

So the other day I was on Pinterest thinking “man, I should probably learn to make that dress/build that cute thing for my apartment/cook that healthy meal,” and then I called Josh and asked him to pick up a pizza because I was busy pinning delicious recipes.

I decided I was going to actually do some awesome thing I found on Pinterest, and that’s where this came in.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Shit just got real. First of all because I now have somewhere to pour the leftover coffee from the pot that sits there a little too long and gets dumped at the end of the day, and secondly because I can now make iced coffee without even thinking twice about how bad it’s going to taste thanks to the melted water.

If you’re an iced coffee lover like me, give this a try. There’s no special secret to tell, just, you know, let some coffee cool a bit and dump it in the tray (I refuse to pour steaming hot coffee in there because I’m terrified of ingesting plastic). I recommend dedicating one specific tray to this, because I don’t think I’ll be getting the coffee scent out of it anytime soon.

I just thought I’d share this wonderful find. Get on it before the government catches on or something. If you’re on Pinterest, you can follow me here.

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4 Responses to Coffee Ice Cubes: Game Changer

  1. Sweet idea…I’m going to definitely try this once I get some extra trays. I always have a little bit left in the pot and hate dumping it down the drain!

  2. I’m definitely going to have to try this!! I am an ex-Starbucks barista. We brewed the coffee with less water so that the taste was more strong, however we add ice cubes to water it down anyways…pointless!! Secrets ;]

  3. Robin says:

    I’ve done these before! Such a great idea and I always forget. Gonna put a sticky note on fridge as a reminder. Thx!

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